Unplanned: Windstream/ PAETEC Voice outage

13:13 Oct 24 2012 Michigan, USA

Apparently due to a fiber cut in Indiana and a hardware failure in Wisconsin is affecting voice/data services in the enitre mid-west region.

According to Windstream, the two fiber cable cuts occurred at road construction sites in Greencastle, Ind., and another at I-894 and W. Greenfield Ave. in metro Milwaukee caused by construction crews doing work near the edge of the road.

Around 4,000 local office lines for Oakland County, Mich., were down during this service outage.

As reported on outages list, this fiber cut has impacted 141 DS3's in Grand Rapids.

Similar to what happened on October 5th,

Trouble Ticket: 122813

Experiencing call failures in the following regions:

Cedar Rapids

Springfield, IL

Madison, WI

Green Bay, WI


Sioux Falls


Des Moines



St. Louis


Kansas City




Update from Windstream:

08:10:48 : Customers in VA, DC, MD, MI, WI areas are experiencing issues with Data & Voice services. Service estimated to be restored noon Eastern.

10-24-2012 11:33 CST: Windstream

There are three separate issues affecting our network, one is a hardware issues and two fiber cuts. For now we are grouping them together for this service as it has not been determined which issue(s) are affecting which part(s) of the VoIP Origination service.

10-24-2012 13:00 PST:

Rumor has it that the Voice issue is supposedly on track for resolution around 15:00 CDT.

10-24-2012 18:00 PST:

Service was restored around 15:30 CDT.
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David (Oct 24 2012)
milwaukee, wi is down too.
SomeGuy (Oct 24 2012)
NE cities affected as well.
Tony (Oct 24 2012)
Dallas, TX
Scott (Oct 24 2012)
Phoenix, AZ, and Albuquerque, NM sites are affected as well.
John (Oct 24 2012)
Fort Worth/Dallas area affected.
Sean (Oct 24 2012)
Chicago Area is also affected.
Detroit (Oct 24 2012)
Any ETA on when it will be back up?
SomeGuy (Oct 24 2012)
Omaha, NE is coming back online now.
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