Unplanned Call Centric Sip outage

18:00 Oct 4 2012 New York, NY, USA

*Investigation into current problems:*


For the past two days we have been experiencing a sophisticated type of attack. As soon we noticed the first attempt we commenced an immediate physical upgrade to all of our servers increasing capacity and CPU power by a factor of four in addition to other precautions. Unfortunately even though this is similar to a "typical" DDoS attack it is targeted specifically at the SIP protocol and causes server load to increase to 100% within 1 minute of initiation. As such, standard and extraordinary prevention measures were unable to prevent it. We do not know the specific methodology of the attack but are aware that it is *similar* in effect to a DNS TRASH flood attack. We are performing forensic analysis on the data we
have and are capturing traffic to find an exact reason and solution.

We would like to clarify that there was no intrusion into our network and all of our servers switches and internet connections have been functioning *normally* throughout the entirety of this concern. None of our equipment or interlinks were disconnected or went down. Additionally please note that
all of your information is encrypted, safe and secure; and that NO customer data was stolen NOR destroyed.

We have been working as aggressively as possible throughout the day/night and we have found a short term work-around which will provide immediate relief and allow calls to function normally. This will require updating your configuration slightly. Please re-configure your software/hardware with the following information:


Your registrar and Domain should remain as is:

Outbound proxy: - For clients *ONLY* able to use A records - For clients able to use DNS SRV - For clients able to use DNS SRV


Asterisk users need the following:

host = OR
outboundproxy = OR srv.callcentric
register =; OR


3CX users need the following:

Outbound proxy hostname or
Outbound proxy port (default is 5060): 5060


PAP2/Linksys/Cisco users should be logged into their device in admin/advanced mode and use the following settings:

Proxy - Enter in this field
Outbound Proxy - Enter in this field

Use Outbound Proxy - yes
Use DNS SRV - yes
DNS SRV Auto Prefix - yes


Obihai users please make sure the following is configured:

Service Providers > ITSP Profile > SIP





X_ProxyServerRedundancy: Checked

Please update this information as soon as possible to restore your calling ability and make sure to *REBOOT* or *RESTART* your device or software.

We have experienced attempted *unsuccessful* attacks in the past and have made changes in real-time to stop them as well as to prevent future similar attacks. Many of our security documentation guidelines and features have been geared towards these changes. Unfortunately this is an entirely new type of attack, the mechanics of which are still coming to light.

We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience this has caused. We are committed to further protecting our network and for this reason we will continue working with our engineers to implement a proper solution to provide a comprehensive resolution.

If you have any questions/concerns regarding this message or if you need assistance in updating your configuration our Support Staff are available to answer your questions in as timely a manner as possible.

Upon achieving a resolution, we will be providing as detailed an explanation as possible regarding this issue as well as the resolution.

Again, we sincerely apologize for any inconvenience that you have experienced as a result of this matter and we appreciate your understanding during this process.

Update 10/6/12 4:00 PM EST

The second attack against our new servers has been suppressed. and should provide better quality and functionality and they are being continually monitored. We are still committed to answering questions and will continue to provide as timely/detailed support as possible.

With this in mind, we recommend subscribing/following our official Twitter
page as we will be posting updates and additional information as available.

The original attack is still ongoing and we are returning to this issue in order to attempt to restore normal service across the board. This investigation process involves deep packet inspection and analysis to
properly diagnose and prevent any other damage.

We sincerely appreciate your patience with us and again apologize for the inconvenience.

Update 10/7/12 10:30AM EST

As of Oct 7th 12AM EST we have returned to 99.9% capacity. Call quality and stability are back to normal. Updates being posted to dashboard.
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oliver (Oct 27 2012)
Still can't register to your service.
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